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                                      Rankings 2016/17

                                   Ranking Points:

                                   Group:                                    Knockout:            
                                    1st: 30pts                           1st: 70pts
                                   2nd: 25pts                           2nd: 60pts                Last 16: 30pts

                                   3rd: 20pts                            Semis: 50pts          Last 32: 20pts

                                   4th: 10pts                             Quarters: 40pts     Last 64: 10pts

                                   5th/6th: 5pts             

Rankings are Up to Date after Tour Event 1 on the IBA Tour 2017/2018 Season.

International teams will be picked from these rankings and are always based on the rolling 6 tournament system. Oldest tournament (No.7) will always be deleted and newest 6 will count in overall Ranking scheme

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*Should you feel there is an error in the rankings, please contact Linda Kirwan.