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Irish Blackball takes another step forward in its drive to make Pool in Ireland easy and informative to all players in using the latest technology in online tournament software by utilising Cuescore.

Irish Blackball Association are joining forces with, the leading tournament software company online today.

We have already begun running the tournaments already this year with the professional brackets in Cuescore but this is several steps forward in our streamlining of Blackball in Ireland.

Gone will be the days of your entry being lost through emails, texting or private messaging.

You will now also have your own profile to enter directly into tournaments.

Your profile will store all your stats, results and ranking. You will get alerts of upcoming tour events thus eliminating the chance of missing one.

Rankings will be automatically updated immediately at tournament conclusion. No more waiting for weeks to see where you are at.

✱ Key Features:

⭐ Notifications though email and facebook automatically sent to you for all upcoming tour events.

⭐ individual Profile for every player with up to date stats and results.

⭐ Easy online entry and Paying of entry fees.

⭐ Precise tournament Info including table and session times during each tour event.

⭐Up to date minute by minute scores from the venues on website.

⭐ Entire tournament, tour, event and Players history available at touch of a button.

So starting today we are asking all Irish pool players who will compete at any future blackball events to provide the following:

1:Full Name
2:Email address

*Send details to Linda Kirwan only please by following methods only to keep confidential.
Facebook: Private message Linda Kirwan please.

This will be the only way to enter the Irish Blackball Tour in the future so it is vital that everyone share these details far and wide to those who may not use Facebook etc. 

We want to make this a foolproof efficient system for all. SHARE please.

We will then create your profile on website and send you invitation email to CLAIM your profile. You just follow the link provided and you will be registered.

When we have website database up to date, we will be using it for all future events on Blackball Tour.

You will get all the tour events in emails in future, you will enter yourself and be able to pay online also. you will have access to all blackball events you are registered to play in or have played in.

*Thanks to Jan Otto Weberg of Cuescore for his assistance