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Current Retained Players

Players Retained all achieved 60% in previous International event.

They will be offered places at next International event, which is the European Championships in Bridlington next year.

Qualification Criteria

Criteria for selection for international teams.

All prospective players who wish to qualify for IBA International Squads must either be resident in Ireland or have direct lineage ie; Parent or grandparent who is Irish.


Any player who has played in the previous International Tournament –i.e.   An International Event run under the auspices of the E.B.A. or B.I must have achieved 60% or over in their stats in the group stages of that event to be considered for automatic selection for the next event.

That player must also be a regular participant in the Pool tour events being run at that time by “The Irish Blackball Association  “ .

The above will apply to the selection of all teams.

Also If any Irish A team wins any of the 3 International events run by the EBA or BI, the manager of the team for the following event (of the 3 events mentioned) will have the option of keeping that same team together, providing that all the players fulfill all the other criteria as laid out here in the qualifying criteria to play for Ireland. 

1a.  If both the A Team Manager and the Player agree that the player can play in the  B section if they wish,then it will be allowed. But if the A Team Manager needs the player to fill the A Team, then the player cannot drop down to B Section if they have qualified to play on the A Team through the rankings. If the player refuses to play in the A Section when asked, then they cannot play in the B Section

*added 12/12/2017



The Manager/ selection committee will be allowed one wild card selection per team.

Any player selected as a wild card for an international event cannot be selected as a wild card for the next international event on any team.

(Point 1) then also applies to that player.


The current Irish champion from the National Championships that year in His/Her category will have an automatic selection.


The remainder of the players for the teams will be selected from the”  I.B.A. POOL TOUR “ rankings, with the highest ranked player from the tour (if not already retained ) being selected in the 1st available spot on the Men's A team and the next player in the 2nd available spot and so on.

All the teams in all the categories will be selected the same way  I.E.  – The highest ranked over 50's player, over 40's player ,etc if there is no specific tour event in that category.


If a player is selected for a particular team, He /She cannot refuse that selection and then play for a team lower than that in the same category.


“Exceptional Circumstances” may be used for the selection of a player who qualifies to play for Ireland but lives outside the country.

Any such “Exceptional Circumstances” would have to be ratified by The I.B.A. Committee at that time.



Any refusal of a selection to represent Ireland in an International Event by any player, will be looked at on an individual basis by the I.B.A. Committee in place at that time.

A refusal of a selection may result in that player not being considered for selection for the next event or future events if deemed necessary.


All selections must be ratified by the I.B.A. Committee in place at that time.

European Blackball Association

Squad Sizes:

*One Change to graph to left is that Men's B Teams will be reduced from 11 players playing to 7 playing in a session. This only applies to B International matches. All other Squads remain unchanged.

The above change is to encourage smaller and novice blackball nations to enter teams in an effort to introduce them into the International scene. These countries previously could not field a full team due to the large size of the squad makeup. Each country can now enter 1, 2 or 3 Seven man teams if they so wish.